Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well Worn Ballet Flats and Toe Flexing

#winning -  finally 400 exposures later, the proper barefoot nasty flats photo set! If you can believe it your Goddess is the lighting designer for this, I went the extra mile to show off just how flexible my feet are.
The flats, they are ready for the trash (you wish)! Just nasty well worn grime cracked insoles that used to be metallic. Heaven. I also finished three business foot-dom sets wearing nasty nylons and my old chinese laundry and well worn patent leather 58's. More on those sniffable stinky things later, including the reinforced toe hanes in multiple colors! I even have 1980's style legwarmers with aldo heels from which you'd need to scrape the foot gunk off my loyal looses. That is right!  Soon to be revealed, before Christmas. All my used, smelly, rank worn out foot and shoe trash, while dressing sexy and demure.

P.S. Currently looking for a suggestion or gift, trade of a real nice cheerleader uniform (extra small or size 0-1) so If you're interested we can work something out. It just cannot be those shitty costume ones, I need P-R-O style stuff including Peavey dance hosiery and ruffle socks. So if you know about cheer uniforms hit me up. Nothing more than tan cheer tights in the foot - yes footed Peavey tights!

Stay Tuned!

Never Yours. -G.Melanie.


  1. am in love with those shoes, when i saw your preview on wu foot links, those shoes and toes broke me down, and made me join the site. how much for the shoes,,,am just curious

  2. the set wear your ballet flats,has caused me to miss work, due to the fact, i cant get them off my mind, thats just how sexy you are.

  3. those ballet flats are so enough to make me join the site, and be able to just stare at those sexy worn steve maddens. i love your seductive voice,and your pretty feet, i may be a member for awhile, and i love the way you pose barefeet in a pair of worn out flats,,i hope to see more, the steve maddens drove me crazy, i missed 2 days of work, after i ordered your site, you and those feet hold alot of power over a guy like me, please give more of those sexy barefeet, in worn out flats.k

  4. How much would you want for a pair of heels and flats. My email is Tom