Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nasty Sweaty Smelly Grey Nylon Covered Toes!

Well, it's been a while. I am back! I've just finshed a two part photoshoot I like to call grey-on-grey.

Featuring grey hanes reinforced toe pantyhose and my favorite grey pumps. First about the shoes, Made by Via Accenti they feature a elastic band that keeps my foot in the shoe tightly, the mid heel makes it comfortable to wear and stand in them for over twelve hours.

Many foot aficionados were disappointed when I'd catch them staring in public, waiting for that moment that would never come...  me dangling it off, or popping my foot out of the shoe.

But my pantyhose covered feet are literally trapped and sealed in the shoes all of the time I wear them, snugly. The result. See for yourself, glistening in the sunlight is dried grey sweat, which makes the reinforced toes on this very fine and soft hosiery feel more like cuban nylons.

This style of wear definitely has wreaked havoc on the insides of the shoes, it made them pungent and smelly, however it is easy to get away with as the exteriors grey suede still looks fantastic and I'd never be able to kick them off by accident, so I don't worry about wearing them in professional capacity at all.

The silver on the insole has fallen off and turned grey in many places, and is absorbing more of my foot stink. Soon I will need to let them go. But not yet, not yet.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Smelly Stink Worn Foot Goodies up for Grabs

Well this week I decided to give you all a treat. Listed on ebanned are my smelly five year old sweat and foot filth ridden platform loafers and a matching set of ten day reinforced toe pantyhose. So If you've been  begging to smell my devine foot odor from my tiny size six feet, go right ahead and don't let me stop you!

Welcome Mistress Lucy.

I've made a new fetish friend Mistress Lucy, she is also has a size 6 foot like myself and we get along swimmingly. I'm really happy we've met up and hope you look forward to bowing down to her feet as well as mine. Four pairs of sweaty smelly feet, either bare or clad in hose by two intelligent and bratty Goddesses is something that I think you'll enjoy greatly! So pay homage to our toes!

Clickable 1080P thumbnails of some of the videos we shot together are below.

You can always view our sweaty gunky, foot junk filled feet, in full HD either
on my website:
or  at my clip-store:

Oh yeah, I got a hold of some pointe shoes. Let's see what trouble will I cause in those in foot fetish well worn hosiery land, they accentuate my legs so much, I simply love them.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Video Preview Available on Foot Fetish Tube

For all you fans of my video production! I've completed shooting and editing some interesting videos.
Going up on my website fairly soon. Meanwhile you can enjoy the 3 minute teaser of my well worn shoes and me commanding you to obey my foot smell! Click for pictures for the 1080p resolution.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Worn Shoes, Worn Hosiery Smellables, Sniffables and Fitness a outfit!

Goddess Melanie Here!
It's been a busy Christmas! So here is a recap some unpublished of the crazy stuff I do.
Firstly I put together a nice faux fitness thing and shot with that in the morning, moving into the afternoon blue sets. Primarily I'm wearing well worn grey pantyhose and showing off my feet. I felt like painting my nails and toes black and bought an amazing pair of pumps while in Filene's Basement, for those I'll need the right pedicure. My smelly toes are extra busy before the new year, so while you're out there fantasizing about me or sniffing my a pair of my nylons or shoes Your Goddess Melanie is busy working on very nefarious stuff to be seen in the new year. The Red Hush Puppies loafers (5 years old) together with the Hanes worn out hosiery and funky all lycra/nylon suprise Hanse massage socks will be up for grabs soon, as soon as I can no longer stand the stink and smell of them when I pop the shoe off.

Here come the photos - Don't forget Original Size is 1024x and Bigger so Click on the Photo for Foot Details, and Happy Holidays to all!

Sniffing my own stink! Nice worn out Ralph Lauren Pumps 

Goddess Melanie Sniffing her Shoe!

Melanies well worn Grey Pantyhose

Thats Right!

Here is the Exercise Bowling Shoes, Socks and Grey Hoisery Set.

Bowling Exercise Uniform in Hosiery with Real Bowling Shoes.
Stinky Nylons on a Platter


Nylons with Foot Gunk, Enlarge for Detailed View.

And the Red Hush Pupies Flats that Stink Soooo Good!

Smelly Loafers Soon Up for Grabs

Goddess Melanie shoe sniffing again. I'm Addicted.

I love my legs.
Lick the sweat from my toes.

For the Grand Finale. My about 1/10 of the High Heels that I own, all well worn!

Well Worn Heels, Click to see Details 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Found IT! (Real Cheer Uniforms)

Varsity the Mecca of College cheer uniforms.

Microfiber Pique Skort
Cheer Leader Bottom  (Dark Green) Size "XS"

Microfiber Pique Polo
Cheerleaer Top(Dark Green) Size "S"

Please contribute an opinion as to whether you think this is "good" to fill out that whole pantyhose and sock wearing cheerleader outfit thing. Obviously goes without saying the scene would involve after-practice sweaty smelly feet and cheer socks that have been used all season for practice! Well worn and wet with foot sweat!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well Worn Ballet Flats and Toe Flexing

#winning -  finally 400 exposures later, the proper barefoot nasty flats photo set! If you can believe it your Goddess is the lighting designer for this, I went the extra mile to show off just how flexible my feet are.
The flats, they are ready for the trash (you wish)! Just nasty well worn grime cracked insoles that used to be metallic. Heaven. I also finished three business foot-dom sets wearing nasty nylons and my old chinese laundry and well worn patent leather 58's. More on those sniffable stinky things later, including the reinforced toe hanes in multiple colors! I even have 1980's style legwarmers with aldo heels from which you'd need to scrape the foot gunk off my loyal looses. That is right!  Soon to be revealed, before Christmas. All my used, smelly, rank worn out foot and shoe trash, while dressing sexy and demure.

P.S. Currently looking for a suggestion or gift, trade of a real nice cheerleader uniform (extra small or size 0-1) so If you're interested we can work something out. It just cannot be those shitty costume ones, I need P-R-O style stuff including Peavey dance hosiery and ruffle socks. So if you know about cheer uniforms hit me up. Nothing more than tan cheer tights in the foot - yes footed Peavey tights!

Stay Tuned!

Never Yours. -G.Melanie.