Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My new stinky sweaty worn pantyhose video is avaialble.

Well hello there, after all was said and done, I filmed a video prior to shipping off the rank pantyhose to the winner, in this video I tease you with my smelly hose, and muse about how your head would look like between my toes, and what would be the expression on your silly little face from the smell of my feet. Well here are the full resolution screen grabs of the 1080p High Definition version.

Yes the toe are of the black pantyhose became somewhat white with my foot sweat.

You may click on each screen shot to see the texture of the worn out pantyhose as they were filmed on video.

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 1

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 2

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 3

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 4

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 5

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 6

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 7

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 8

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 9

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 10

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 11

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 12

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 13

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 14

Stinky Pantyhose Video Screenshot 15

This video is available for purchase here.

You can view the trailer at foot fetish tube

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This nasty, smelly, stinky pair of pantyhose was available on ebanned,
it will be a bit before I do another listing, but this time I'm going to try and list a pair of well worn shoes to go along, possibly in a matching set. Or possibly in two separate auctions. One for stinky worn out trahsed shoes and another for my really scented, smelly sweaty pantyhose. Don't know as of yet.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Paprika Skull Patent Pumps and Breaking in new hosiery.

Here are some shots of me breaking in a new pair that will soon be up for grabs. The black patent pumps with the sculls which I am wearing are about 5 years old and are worn out to bits and stink terribly as they are all synthetic. They will do a great job on this pair of pantyhose. Since I feel like sharing, I've included some shots from October 25th 2010. This is the beginning for these tights. You can possibly write the ending.

My shoe collection videos...

I've uploaded the first of many of my shoe collection videos. I own over 500 pairs, I decided to start with the lower-end heels first.

It's available on YouTube in up-to 720p high definition resolution.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zero choice Web Series - Pilot kick off announcement.

Welcome my new web video series called "Zero choice".
The 20 minute video pilot of this point-of-view, first person series is named "captured", where my speechless victim wakes up on the floor, to experience sheer torture at my feet, as he (you) is not into feet. My fun comes from my victims suffering. I enjoy seeing him try to wiggle out of his bonds and his gag. There is no escape, I've done this before, I've planned, scheduled, and prepared. I'm going to keep my new foot torture toy for months, until IT tires me, or embraces everything I'm doing to it, which would be boring.. I warn you now, it gets a little spooky... I finally go to a plage that makes me giggle at some poor saps misery, drugged, tied and tortured for 20 minutes with my rank nasty feet. By the time I'm done with my new plaything it will learn to love what I'm doing to him now, it will seem like a walk in the park compared to what I have in store for it (him). I'm only happy to see it squirm, if he's not awake and aware and suffering, I'm not getting my fun, and that makes goddess sad, hee-hee...

FF-TUBE trailer - Featured Video on the site.

clips4sale full 1080p video.

What, you have something to say? Did not think so? You're gagged....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ahh... Rainy day, good time to start a blog.

Hey there. Goddess Melanie, your supreme and only foot Goddess created a blog so you can follow me with up-to the minute updates of what your Goddess is up to. This blog is my gift to you, get to know ME better, find out about my likes, dislikes, this or that.

If I'm up to something interesting well, this will be your one avenue to find out, subscribe, get updates and read often.

If you leave comments here, groveling, politeness and proper spelling without text-messaging shorthand is expected. Anyone not following these rules will be reprimanded (and not in a good way) so don't test my patience.

The photo from a doubled up stocking pantyhose set I shot the other day,

dare not use it for gratification without permission from me. It was a real big deal as these were a weeks in the making. Remember, I'm always in control. I am the real deal, and I don't tolerate insolent fools.

Never Yours,

Goddess Melanie