Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nasty Sweaty Smelly Grey Nylon Covered Toes!

Well, it's been a while. I am back! I've just finshed a two part photoshoot I like to call grey-on-grey.

Featuring grey hanes reinforced toe pantyhose and my favorite grey pumps. First about the shoes, Made by Via Accenti they feature a elastic band that keeps my foot in the shoe tightly, the mid heel makes it comfortable to wear and stand in them for over twelve hours.

Many foot aficionados were disappointed when I'd catch them staring in public, waiting for that moment that would never come...  me dangling it off, or popping my foot out of the shoe.

But my pantyhose covered feet are literally trapped and sealed in the shoes all of the time I wear them, snugly. The result. See for yourself, glistening in the sunlight is dried grey sweat, which makes the reinforced toes on this very fine and soft hosiery feel more like cuban nylons.

This style of wear definitely has wreaked havoc on the insides of the shoes, it made them pungent and smelly, however it is easy to get away with as the exteriors grey suede still looks fantastic and I'd never be able to kick them off by accident, so I don't worry about wearing them in professional capacity at all.

The silver on the insole has fallen off and turned grey in many places, and is absorbing more of my foot stink. Soon I will need to let them go. But not yet, not yet.

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