Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome Mistress Lucy.

I've made a new fetish friend Mistress Lucy, she is also has a size 6 foot like myself and we get along swimmingly. I'm really happy we've met up and hope you look forward to bowing down to her feet as well as mine. Four pairs of sweaty smelly feet, either bare or clad in hose by two intelligent and bratty Goddesses is something that I think you'll enjoy greatly! So pay homage to our toes!

Clickable 1080P thumbnails of some of the videos we shot together are below.

You can always view our sweaty gunky, foot junk filled feet, in full HD either
on my website:
or  at my clip-store:

Oh yeah, I got a hold of some pointe shoes. Let's see what trouble will I cause in those in foot fetish well worn hosiery land, they accentuate my legs so much, I simply love them.


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